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Free Social Skills Survey

This survey is for personal information only and is not intended to serve as a diagnostic tool.

FUNDAMENTAL   SKILLS No   problem Some   Difficulty Really   Difficult
Eye   contact      
Makes   Facial Expressions      
Recognizes   others’ facial expressions      
Uses   voice volume and tone correctly      
Uses   correct speech timing      
Uses   other’s names      
Uses   farewells      
Greets   age appropriately      
Can   introduce self age appropriately      
Can   and asks for help      
Give   compliments      
Can   and often initiates conversations      
Can appropriately enter a conversation      
Can   appropriately end a conversation      
Reciprocates   in conversations      
Invites   someone to play      
Can   introduce another      
Can   join in      
Talks   about self      
Makes   complaints      
Asks   appropriate questions      
Can   offer an opinion      
Can   express basic feeling      
Can   express complex feelings and explain      
Responds   well to greetings from adults      
Responds   well to greetings from peers      
Responds   to compliments      
Listens   attentively for age appropriate time      
Follows   directions well for age      
Can   stay on topic , verbally and through actions      
Can   wait      
Offers   help and gives encouragement      
Can   read others body language      
Can   interpret others’ feelings      
Handles   mistakes      
Deals   with anger      
Can   refuse in appropriate manner      
Takes   turns agreeably for age      
Plays   by the rules      
Is   fair      
Is a   good sport      
Uses   kind talk      
Is   flexible in known and unknown situations      
Asks   permission      
Cooperates   for age      
Deals   with “no” for age      
Can   compromise      
Can   deal with a problem and find solution      
Can   receive a suggestion      
Can   give a suggestion      
Can   let others talk      
Shows   interest in others      
Uses   and understands humor      
Disagrees   politely      
Can   understand and deal with gentle teasing      


Social Skills Survey PDF