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Staff Training

Are you embracing neurodiversity as the new paradigm for competitive advantage? How can your company unlock the hidden potential?

Social Motion Skills trains individuals on the autism spectrum (including Asperger's syndrome) and with ADHD to better integrate with their workplace peers. But that's only half of the equation.

Individuals with social cognitive "invisible" disabilities work best when their uniquess is recognized, understood, accepted and valued. They must be placed in jobs that align their talents and passion to unlock the competitive advantage they can bring to the workforce.

To bridge this gap, a Social Motion Skills educator can provide individual staff (supervisor) or groups with trainings on how to create a welcoming, inclusive environment conducive to neurodiversity inclusion.

Autism will be explained as well as ways to:

  • enhance communication with co-workers, understand social hierarchy
  • improve employee/supervisor communication
  • implement task analysis and narrow job focus
  • provide work place supports

 Include neuro-diversity training in your line up:

  • achieve compliance goals
  • tap undeveloped competitive advantages in your ranks
  • increase talent retention
  • reduce turnover
  • improve workplace performance!

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