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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.



Early exposure to social integration skills provides a solid foundation rooted in awareness, confidence, and know-how for children with or without formal spectrum learning diagnoses. Our classes reinforce core character traits while raising age-relevant social awareness and putting that awareness into motion through active learning.

  • Pre-K PLAY GROUP (3-5 years)

Ready to work on social foundations like taking turns, accepting no, waiting, sharing, and following simple directions? This group is designed for our youngest participants who need early intervention to be ready for group interaction when school starts. Lots of fun but lots of precursory learning as well!

  • BRIDGE GROUP ( 5-7 years)

 Designed for budding social butterflies, this class continues with age-appropriate social foundations like taking turns, accepting no, group play, sharing, and following class directions but adds in the ideas of personal and space awareness. This group will help little ones get a great start to what peers expect in a classmate and friend! 

  • ELEMENTARY ( 3rd– 5th grade)

Elementary social skills classes focus on important social basics and group interaction, awareness, observation, and the building blocks for successful friendship!

Sample curriculum topics include:

  • Feel and deal with those feelings
  • Self-awareness and personal space
  • Recognizing social cues & subtleties of communication — eyes, facial, body language
  • Impulse management, sharing, being a good listener, & following rules
  • Social clues and how to approach
  • My actions affect my interactions with other
  • The qualities of a GOOD friend
  • Positive attention vs. negative attention
  • Finding common interest through exchange