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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.

Answering That Terrifying Question: “What Will Happen to My Special Needs Child Without Me?”

All parents that have a special needs child have asked themselves, "What will happen to my child without me?", and this is generally a tough question for parents to answer. Not only is this a tough question to answer, but it is hard to know where to begin when planning your childs future without you there. READ this article and gather 6 helpful tips that can help you answer, "What will happen to my child without me". 

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'I’ve spent 30 years on the telly trying my best to act normal'

Many individuals hide in fear of their Aspergers or Autism diagnosis for many different reasons, either they do not want to be judged or scared of how others will treat them. Public figure, Chris Packham, goes in depth as to why he hid his diagnosis from others in the television business and explains why he is opening up now. READ this article and gain insight on how he is changing the face of television.  

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To Really Assist Our Kids, We Have to Stop Being Their Personal Assistants

Part of parenting is transferring competencies. Learned helplessness is truly debilitating. Read on for an entertaining and oh-so-true example!

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Even teachers now say that academics are not the key to kids’ success

We have all heard the saying, "Get a good education and you will get a good job", but a good education is not always enough. This week we are looking at life skills and this article examines why life skills are important for students to learn while in school. READ and see the benefits of learning life skills earlier in life. 

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Adults with autism will get a new housing community in Phoenix

Every year more and more people are being diagnosed with Autism, because of this more programs are becoming available to those with disabilities. With these programs they are able to live more independantly and become fufilled individuals. The ability to live alone is something that everyone strives to be able to do or experience at one point in their lives. For those with Autism and similar disabilities this milestone may be harder to achieve, but society is striving to make this a posibility. Community housing is making new waves in different cities across the states and a city in Arizona is working around to open a new housing center for those with disabilities. READ this article to see how this center is not only working to provide housing, but also a transition program for more independance! 



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8 Ways to Gain Respect

When you hear the word respect what comes to mind? Many people have a different definition of what respect really is, but for the most part people can agree that respect is when another person understands your opinions and thoughts, even if they do not agree with them. Respect is something that we as humans are always talking about and wanting from our peers, we strive for respect at work, home, and school, but how do we get respect? Can respect be earned? Or is respect something you just give someone, no matter what? READ this article to gain insight on how you can gain repsect from others and how respect makes for a happier life. 

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SKILLS FOR LIFE Transition House fills special education need

Strives are being made constatnly to provide programs where indivduals with autism and other special needs can learn the life skills they need to live more independently. Our transition program, T3 provides job and readiness skills to those on the spectrum and now a a high school in Virginia is providing a transition program for their graduates. Students with disabilities are able to stay at the school after graduating and learn life and job skills. READ this interesting article to see how this school is making a difference! 

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How Parents & Students Can Combat Internet Addiction & Isolation

Young children and teenagers are being raised during a period of time where the internet is everywhere. Everything we now do involves technology and the internet and there are times where it is very hard to disconnect from the internet and social media. We are also in a dy and age where many young students are resistant to disconnect and this can cause problems in their future. This articles highlights the dangers of internet and social media addiction and how it is more isolating than helpful. READ and understand how internet addiction can affect our mental health and what we can do to help this younger generation that is attatched to the internet.  

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Social Skills or EI - being related to a 75% success factor can’t be discounted!

Can emotional intelligence be taught? This is the question that is examined in this in depth article. READ this article to understand if emotional interlligence can be adapted throughout life or if it something you must be born with. 

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When to Discuss Your Disability With a Potential Employer

When is the right time to discuss you disability with a new employer? This can be a nerve racking discussion to have with a potential employer and there are many different paths one can take when explaining their disabilities to a new employer. This article goes in depth in showing the different ways you can disclose your disability, while also highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each method. READ to see the different methods explained and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each one. 

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Why your business should employ individuals with autism

Have you ever wondered why you should hire individuals with autism? This article goes in depth and analyzes why companies should hire individuals with autism. READ and understand the benefits any company could gain by employing an individual on the autism spectrum. 

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Need a Lift? New Transportation System in the Works for those with Autism.

Here at Social Motion, we offer a driver's education program called, Drivers Ed at Your Speed, for those on the Autism Spectrum. With this program we are able to slow down the learning process and help accommodate  students' needs. Unfortunately, there are many adults who are not able to obtain their license because of fear, lack of cognitive abilities, or there is not a driver's education program where they live that can accommodate their needs. Many parents are fearful to have their special needs child use public transportation. Because of this, Kansas City is piloting a new transportation program designed for those with disabilities. 

READ this intereseting article to see how Kansas City is taking off with this rideshare program for those on the spectrum! 

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My Typical Son. Life As An Autism Brother.

READ this interesting article on how one mother balances life with having one "typical" son and one son on the Autism Spectrum. 

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Back to School Social Skills Rules All Parents Need to Know

Back to School Social Rules

By Alaina Urbantke

Three months of well-deserved rest and relaxation is par the course for busy students.  But those days vanish like the summer wind, to make a Sinatra reference.  In light of this, it is advisable to mix activities that exercise your child’s brain and body in the midst of lazy days.  For parents of students with ASD, additional preparations must be made concerning social skills.  This article will cover the essentials that will help your child maintain good social standing among teachers and peers.

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Autism in Pop Culture

As mentioned in a previous article, the storylines and scenes which revolve around characters that have Autism have the chance to connect with their audience when the research is utilized.  Another way that those characters can be relatable is by the relationships that they make with their family and friends.  With them, these following movies and television episodes, all of which can be streamed on Amazon Video, could be considered as additional examples of portraying people with Autism and similar special needs.

1) Lifetime’s 2004 TV film, Miracle Run, features Mary-Louise Parker as Corrine, the mother of twin boys who are diagnosed with autism, and also Zac Efron (before his break-out role in High School Musical) as Steven, one of her twins.  Corrine’s love for her children, as well as her perseverance to make a good life for them, influences both Steven and his brother Phillip to pursue their own interests.  When each of them encounter an obstacle-Phillip becoming nervous during his in-person audition for a music school and Steven seeing a girl he has a crush on with another boy right before he’s about to compete in a cross-country race, each of them find the courage and self-confidence to pick themselves up.

2) One of Sesame Street’s recent episodes, “Meet Julia,” introduces the title character by means presenting the friendships she has with Elmo and Abby and later gains with Big Bird.  Meanwhile, Big Bird’s developing friendship with Julia incorporates a progression of understanding of Autism for Big Bird and also the intended audience with moments that reflect some of its characteristics.  Those moments include Julia and her friends creating a new game called “boing tag” and Julia’s response to the loud sirens that unexpectedly appear.

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Think You Know the Difference between Autism and Asperger's? Think Again!

A Peak under the Umbrella

By Alaina Urbantke

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is an umbrella term used to categorize a variety of conditions, varying greatly in symptoms and levels of function.  With many possible diagnoses, it is important to differentiate among the variety of disorders under its classification.  The intent of this article is to examine two conditions, Asperger Syndrome and autism, in order to illuminate their characteristics.

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Summer Travel Tips to Keep Your Summer Easy & Breezy!

Tips to Prepare for Summer Planning

Summer is here and for many children, it means endless ways to enjoy the summer break.  For those families who have children with autism or similar special needs, making plans for the summer can appear overwhelming at first.  However, the act of planning can feel more prepared by considering the following tips while placing summer plans in the process:

1) Schedule and Plan:

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Social Motion is doing our part - Transition, Driving, Young Adult Social Groups and Cooking!

READ this interesting article that investigates the breakthroughs and gaps in autism. Social Motion is doing our part by providing services for all ages. From transition to driving to young adult social groups to cooking, we have you in mind!      
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The Hidden Disabilities: That Are Present in Aspergers Syndrome: The Need For Increased Awareness

READ on the different hidden disabilities that are present in children and adults diagnosed with Aspergers. Gain a better understanding of their challenges and how awareness is key in helping these individuals not feel handicapped. 

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Work in progress: An inside look at autism’s job boom

Corporations are taking the right steps forward in hiring individuals with autism, but keeping work is still a struggle for those on the spectrum. 

READ More on how these corporations are trying to help individuals on the spectrum. 

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