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Driver's Ed at Your Speed

Driver's Ed at Your Speed

On the spectrum and want to drive? It’s possible!

Announcing Driver’s Ed at Your Speed! Social Motion Skills and SafeWay Driving Centers have combined their expertise to offer a comprehensive special education driver’s program designed for individuals with high-functioning autism spectrum diagnoses, ADD/ADHD, learning and processing differences. Our curriculum, set at just the right speed for high-functioning teens with learning differences opens the door to greater independence by mastering a new skill set and earning the ultimate teenage prize — the driver’s license! This modern course combines special education teaching instruction with online technology!

What’s new and why online?

  • We believe in technology to customize and maximize the learning experience. We believe in using progress measurement data to help parents make the best decision for their child, especially in something as important as driving!
  • Candidates come to class and log into their SafeWay driving dashboard.
  • A Social Motion Skills teacher will lead and tutor students through 40 online, visually appealing, interactive lessons complete with demos.
  • Lessons can be reviewed until mastered with a “reality” check built in at the end of each class.
  • Parents can track and monitor class results via built in assessments and drive progress via the account dashboard feature.

Permit test taken online!

What’s Different about Driver’s Ed at Your Speed?

  • Two level course to ensure safe content mastery. Level One (in-class) followed by parent conference before passing to Level Two (in-car instruction)
  • Student/teacher ratio: Instructor and aide in each class. Class size limited to 6 students.
  • Visually appealing content (presentation and interpretation): State-mandated content is presented in a clear, concise manner to accommodate retention, attention spans, and learning differences.
  • Extra content is provided to address anxiety, advocacy, and emergency situations. Interactive lessons: include props for experiential learning.
  • 20 classes (Meet twice a week)
  • In-car acclimation time for enhanced learning and assessment provided at SafeWay site.
  • Online permit preparation: Includes content instruction, tactics, and reviews as needed.
  • Parents (with teacher input) decide if their child is ready for in-car instruction. ONLY THEN do in-car lessons begin.
  • 27 hours in-car instruction including all critical day and night driving situations – 10 additional hours must be logged by parents to complete the 37 hours required by the State of Texas.
  • License appointments may be scheduled with a SafeWay instructor (which may alleviate need to go to DPS for test).

Who is a candidate?

Intellectually capable students (at least 15 years old) who need a slower pace of instruction, expanded explanation, and support to safely master state requirements, skill sets and driving demands.

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Intake interview and short assessment required for all participants.

Driver’s Ed Quick Facts:

Memorial Location

  • Where?  SOMO Center (10694 Haddington, Houston, 77043)
  • When?  Mondays and Thursdays – Time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm
  • What?  20 Classes - 40 hours of instruction covers 16 online sessions (Students required to bring their own laptop.)
  • Why? Another step towards independence is achieved.
  • Cost? This unique class cannot be compared to a minimum requirement class.
  • Level 1 – $1309 – Includes 40 hours facilitated instruction. (A fee of $1000 is due to Social Motion, Inc. upon registration and $309 due to SafeWay upon account activation.
  • Level 2 – $1969 – Includes 27 hours of in-car logged instruction time with special ed-friendly driving instructor.

NOTE: Level 2: Register with SafeWay after completing Level 1 with Social Motion.


* Special NOTE - TX DPS retains ultimate decision making power on issuance of driving permits and licenses. Every individual case is different and responses to permit and license applications may be flagged for further review by the DPS Medical Advisory Board. This may result in delays or non-issuance, which is beyond the control of either Social Motion or SafeWay drivng. For more information click here. TX DPS MAB