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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.


We’ll get your social motion moving forward!

Hope is not a strategy. What's your plan after school? Let us assist with work place social assessments, advanced social skill training, job readiness and independent living skills to help you achieve the success you desire.

Life Coach

Life Coach

At Social Motion, our life coaches help meet life’s special needs…whatever that means for you!

Are you an aging parent wondering who will provide regular assistance to your adult child with special needs when you are no longer able?

Can your adult child live “mostly” on their own, but needs daily, weekly, or monthly “check ins” to ensure success?

A life coach can help in these and other situations. A life coach works as a partner with their client to help them set and achieve daily and life-long goals such as:

  • Budgets (creating and sticking to one)
  • Sorting the mail – what’s important and what’s junk
  • Nutrition – healthy shopping/eating/cooking
  • Weekly goal setting (schedules and commitments, studies, appointments, correspondence)
  • Job-related issues or seeking employment
  • Household chores, checks, and maintenance reviews
  • Household organization
  • Laundry and clothes – regular laundry, dry cleaning, special event requirements
  • Tutoring for continuing education or leisure learning
  • Accompaniment for doctor appointments, driver’s license renewal, utility changes, etc.
  • Liaison with family members on complicated matters (insurance, cars, medication, etc.)

There’s lots to consider and take care of as an independent adult and everyone’s needs are different!

Let Social Motion’s Life Coach assist you in the lifelong learning journey to independence!

Call 713-461-7200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details and to explain your special situation.

Coaches' profiles are matched to each client’s particular circumstance.

Interviews required.