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T3 - Transition, Training, Taxpaying

T3 - Transition,  Training,  Taxpaying


Transition opportunities and support for the next phase of life!

  • Job exploration and employment opportunities with dedicated onsite job coaches
    Contact us for a list of our current list of collaborative employers.
    Fees may apply.
  • WorkSMARTS - Live classes taught via WIFI - Focused on workplace social skills
  • Ongoing Job Coach support
    On demand - when, if, and where you need it.
    A retainer contract for job coaching services. Fees apply when service is provided.
  • Continued learning opportunities
    Quarterly seminars on pertinent topics. Free to T3 participants.
  • Independence Mapping
  • Answering what's next on your journey to independence?
    Click here for full details.

See more in our T3 video!

Learn more about work experience at Aspire Accessories, Social Motion's in house microenterprise.

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