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Aspire Accessories Training Program

Aspire Accessories Training Program

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Join us on Thursday April 25, 2019, 10am-2pm, for a free open house event at the Aspire Accessories Workshop. Meet the artisans and shop the entire spring collection during Autism Awareness Month.

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Aspire Accessories, a program of Social Motion Skills, Inc. is a work transition program for adults with autism and similar special needs. We provide a solution to what is known as the “services cliff” for this population of individuals once they age out of supported, school-based environments. 

Artisans are part of a supportive COMMUNITY, where everyone has the OPPORTUNITY to thrive, add value, and achieve a sense of PURPOSE. 

Our goal is for each artisan to obtain increased independence in a workplace setting and to sustain performance, thus enhancing the likelihood of gaining further meaningful employment, if they so choose. 

We empower each artisan to take responsibility for their work, realize their potential, and increase their self-awareness and confidence.

“Aspire Accessories provides a supportive environment, meaningful work, fair wages and most of all a community”

– Denise Hazen, Founder & Creative Director, Aspire Accessories

The Aspire workshop is a dynamic learning environment offering an individualized approach. 


Artisans learn a variety of transferrable skills: 

  • light manufacturing (heat embosser, hydraulic press and laser etcher)
  • product development (jewelry, clothing, home goods)
  • inventory management (stock taking, packaging and pricing)
  • retail and customer services 
  • appropriate and effective workplace communication 
  • understanding of social hierarchy and workplace expectations

Want to become an Aspire Artisan? Schedule an interview with Stacy Anderson, Transition Director.

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