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Continued Job Coaching Support

Continued Job Coaching Support

Got the job? Keep the job!

Social Motion provides ongoing job support to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and similar special needs who no longer need dedicated job coaching services, but may need support from time to time.

Yearly retainer contracts for on-demand job coaching.

A yearly retainer contract keeps the individual’s file active and eligible for Social Motion job coaching services.

No charges are incurred until job coach services are requested by the individual, parents, or job site. 

Onsite job coaching covers:

  • challenges associated with new skill opportunities
  • promotion opportunities
  • communication or behavior issues at work with supervisors or colleagues
  • other work-related issues presenting challenges to employment of upward mobility

For more information, contact Stacy Anderson, M. Ed., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..