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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.

Practice makes possible
Practice makes friendship possible.
Practice makes jobs possible.
Practice makes life possible.
Hope is not a strategy.
Let us help you prepare for transition
and independence.

Children's Services


Who will they be? Strategies for autism ADD/ADHD, quirkiness, and all kids who want great social skills to succeed!
  • Mainstream Workshops
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Enrichment Activities  
  • Related Therapy Referrals 
  • Parent Training

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Adult Services

Man Working At A Supermarket

Hope is not a strategy.
Let us help you prepare for transition and independence.
  • Advanced Social Skills
  • Community Outings
  • Workplace Social Skills
  • Life Coaching

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B2B Partners


Help your clients break the social barrier. Embed our social skills programs into your operations.
  • Offer our Programs
  • License our Program
  • Special Events
  • Parent Training
  • Staff Training

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Shed light on invisible disabilities in your workforce.
  • Staff Training on Autism
  • Talent Retention, Diversity, Inclusion
  • ADAAA | EEOC Strategies
  • Social Responsibility Message
  • Employee Benefit Needs 

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Driver's Ed at Your Speed!
On the spectrum and want to drive? It’s possible!

Announcing Driver’s Ed at Your Speed! Social Motion Skills and SafeWay Driving Centers have combined their expertise to offer a comprehensive special education...

Elementary Social Skills
Making friends!
Teenage Social Spontaneity!
Young Adults
Support and friends for life!
Your purchase provides purpose!
Transition, Training, Taxpaying!