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Solving life's special needs.

Solutions for families and corporations dealing with autism, ADHD, and similar social challenges at all ages.

STEM - Robotics & Makerspace

STEM - Robotics & Makerspace
What is a Makerspace? 
At Social Motion it's where the fun, cool stuff happens - where students gather to explore, create, and learn not only tech skills vital for today's world, but also the social skills crucial to engage in the high-tech work force when they graduate.  For many of our students with high-functioning autism and brilliant minds, this Makerspace is where they shine, find camaraderie, self-esteem and confidence to forge a path of STEM-based success.  For many students with unknown or undeveloped talents, they discover detail-oriented abilities and startling aptitudes of memory, spatial awareness, and hyper creativity.  This is where you want your kid hanging out.
Social Motion - leading the way in creative, collaborate STEM learning for our future engineers!
Team Play Robotics- Build and Battle for Future Engineers 
Ages: 4th grade- 7th grade 
Thursdays 4:30-5:30 (SOMO Center)
TBA for Spring 2018 Dates
Teams will engineer NXT/EV3 bots to crash, smash, flip, and battle your team opponents! It's time to get the team cooperation, coordination and spirit going! Using robotic kits and creative build for field practice, students learn to work as a team, propose creative solutions, handle feedback and manage cooperative situations. This is where the fun stuff happens, while working on social skills and team building skills crucial to thriving in a group. Space is limited. Interview may be required. 
Social  Motion  MakerSpace - Invitation Only 
Ages: 8th grade +
Thursdays 5:45 - 7:00 (SOMO Center) 
Our makerspace provides students with personal motivation, true interest and aptitude in STEM ideals, with age/skill appropriate projects and challenges in the areas of 3D printing, engineering design, laser engraving/cutting, electronics, robotics, and more. This program is designed for students that are motivated to see their own ideas come to life, and who enjoy learning new hands-on skills. If your child has been known to take apart their toys or family electronics just to see how they work, this may be the group for them. 
Featuring robotics and programming (Minestorm and VEX IQ), 3-D design with Inkscape, Tinkercad, and SketchUp, MakerBot 3-D Printers, Vinyl Cutting, personal video creation and something new every week! 
Space is limited. Interview required. 
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