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about us

We are 100% Social & Life Skills

  • We focus SOLELY on social skills training and learning of mainstream activities – for children and adolescents with social & learning deficits and autism spectrum disorders
  • We’re serious about social behavior modification. We offer the quantity and quality of practice sessions necessary to effectuate real change
  • We are your relentless persistence partner. Without a commitment to persistent practice, social skills will not be internalized
  • We are the only one. There is no other program like us in Houston or its surrounding areas.

Our Approach
By grouping students by grade-level versus “skill” level we can focus on what children and young adults are faced with daily, i.e. what’s going on within their peer groups (ex. sports/ social events, what’s cool and fun) and what teachers and parents expect of them (ex. class behavior, responsibility, daily family life and trips).

Our classes begin at the early elementary level and expand through to the emerging independent adult levels. The curriculum is founded on fundamental building blocks of positive character traits. These core values of society are incorporated into each social skills class. We also revisit the curriculum constantly to ensure that it, too, is evolving and adapting to the fickle social world we all live in. Social demands don’t stop, so neither do we. That said, our approach is less “clinical” and more “practical.”
However, the skills are no less potent.

All Social Motion Skills students will learn to exhibit a desire to believe in themselves, blend in, and befriend. They want to “fit in.” They want friends, to do fun stuff, and to be happy.  As parents and teachers, we want that for them more than anything.

We Believe:

  • In affirming the value and competencies of children with different social styles
  • That children with social differences CAN learn a wide range of skills and coping mechanisms
  • Children can and will succeed with patience and belief in their abilities
  • Each of our students has the cognitive ability to think, consider, learn, and internalize problem solving skills and concepts vs. being taught rote responses.

Our Goals

  • To reinforce positive character traits and age appropriate social activity skills for children with integration difficulties.
  • To provide the introduction to and manner to rehearse social living skills in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  • To provide programs and curriculums that constantly meet the changing needs of our students and parents.
  • To be a life-span partner for families supporting individuals with social challenges.
  • To start early and relentlessly pursue the goal of achieving the most independent life possible for our students.

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